10 putanja koje će ubrzati vašu karijeru

Prenosim što sam naišao dalje, malo je nepregledno, no sadržaj je zlato:

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1) The ultimate hack to 10x your career: Enter the Side Door.

Example 1: Sales

Side Door:

– Find a company you like
– Figure out why their product wins
– Generate 10 compelling leads
– Send them to the VP of Sales

What’s more interesting?

Candidate 1 with a cover letter or you with real prospects.

Easy answer.

Example 2: Product

Side Door:

– Download the product
– Think about 10 features you would add
– Create a roadmap
– Send it to the VP of Product

Candidate 1 has hypothetical examples; you have something tangible for the team on Day 0.

Example 3: Venture Capital

Side Door:

– Build a portfolio of companies in public
– Write an investment memo on each company
– Track the performance

2) Resume mastery

3) Soft skill mastery

Hard skills get you hired.

But soft skills get you promoted.

4) Nail the interview – 20 common interview questions, what they really mean, and how to nail them

5) Be a high performer

13 non-obvious habits to look for in hiring high performing employees

1/ People who take notorious notes
2/ People with a strong self awareness to accept and manage feedback proactively
3/ People who write well
4/ People who lift others up
5/ People who aren’t hyper productive every single day Sustainable workers outperform
6/ People who listen well Listeners make others feel valued
7/ People who smile and laugh often
8/ People with an “us” mentality (not a “me” mentality) If you want to go fast, go alone If you want to go far, go together
9/ People who are allergic to excuses have superpowers: Know how to make mistakes and Know how to apologize
10/ People who aren’t afraid to ask quality questions
11/ People who are able to prioritize on high value work
12/ People with high emotional IQ
13/ People who are (mostly) on time

6) Become indispensable – 18 lessons to become indispensable at work

You’re not paid based on how hard you work.

You’re paid based on how hard you are to replace.

7) How to hire exceptional talents

8) Career mistakes to avoid

9) Win more by doing less

Here are 11 tactics to win more by doing less

1/ What should you delegate?

Everything. Not a joke.

10) Start writing online

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