52 stvari koje sam naučio u 2021

Beauty livestreamer Li Jiaqi sold $1.9 billion worth of products in one twelve hour show on Taobao. That’s slightly less than the total sales from all four Selfridges stores during 2019. [Jinshan Hong]

Privacy seems to be connected to productivity. An experiment in a phone factory showed that putting curtains round workers on a production line increased output by 10–15%. [Ethan Bernstein via Ethan Mollick]

The Khmer language has 74 characters, making it annoying to type on a phone keyboard. That may be why half of Facebook Messenger’s voice traffic comes from Cambodia. [Vittoria Elliot & Bopha Phorn]

The entire global cosmetic Botox industry is supported by an annual production of just a few milligrams of botulism toxin. Pure toxin would cost ~$100 trillion per kilogram. [Anthony Warner]

China opens a giant electric car battery factory every week. In the rest of the world, they open every few months. [Simon Moores]


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